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We are a legal services company specialising in Will Writing, Probate & Power of Attorney. Our goal is to simplify the tasks which none of us want to talk about.


We have answered the most common questions to help you understand the importance of making a Will.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is the most simple and efficient way for someone other than you to deal with your affairs during your life.


Probate can be complex depending on the size of the estate. We can either assist you or deal with everything for you.


Funeral cost are increasing on average 10% per year. You can pay today’s price and potentially save your family thousands of pounds and stress.

Property Protection

Protecting your home against care fees is a worry among all home owners of all sizes. We can look to protect your home from such fees.

Document Storage

You have written your Will. Great! Make sure it can be found after your death with our storage solutions. We have different levels that come with a range of benefits.

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Our Guides

We’ve put all our expertise into these free guides to help you get to grips with everything to do with death.

Do I need to write a Will?

There are many reasons for writing a Will. We have created this guide with lots of useful information.

What is Probate?

This will give you some guidance in what can sometimes be a complex process.

Property Protection

This guide will help you with the ways you can protect your property from Care fees.

Power of Attorney

Find out why Power of Attorney is so important and why not making one can be expensive.

Is it worth paying for my Funeral now?

Learn why paying for your funeral now can save your family and loved ones thousads of pounds in years to come.